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Holocaust Memorial Day

  • Video talks 2022
  • Rosemary Schonfeld: keeping the flame alive, a second generation holocaust perspective. Rosemary is a local singer and author. In this engaging film she tells the story of how her aunt, Relly, survived Auschwitz.
  • Jeremy Roberts explains the danger of ‘othering’, treating people different to oneself as outsiders. Sidmouth College students talk about the impact of their visit to the Anne Frank House, about how discrimination can grow and why it is important to learn from the past (7 minutes).
  • Video talks 2021
  • Lizzie Small: Porrajmos film, the untold story of the Romani genocide at the hands of the Nazis (Age 13 upwards)
  • Stuart Raine: the story of Otto Deutsch, Kindertransport child (Age 9 upwards)
  • Anastasia Somerville-Wong: Genocide in Cambodia, when the darkest side of our nature prevails (Age 13 upwards) 
  • Helen Fry: the story of the Jewish refugees living in North Devon during WW2 

Universal Peace Prayers

This book of Peace Prayers was first presented at an historic event on 12th November 2016 at the United Reformed Church, Southernhay, Exeter. It was well received by Devon Schools, Colleges, Universities, Places of Worship, NHS Hospitals and Hospices around UK. It also reached in other parts of the world including India, America, Canada, Africa and Singapore.

It represents a milestone in the way people of different faiths and beliefs can come together as fellow citizens of Planet Earth, and as such is now being re-published in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here is the foreword given by Ravindra J. Nathwani, retired Hindu Chaplain University of Exeter and former Vice-Chair of the Devon Faith and Belief Forum:

It gives me much pleasure to present this work of Universal Peace Prayers, which has come to life after several years of efforts to be united and pray in our own traditions in one house of God.
It is also important that this Universal Peace Prayer took place at the beginning of Interfaith Week and now it is going to be an annual event in Exeter.
I am sure the humble effort to publish this booklet will be appreciated by all those who make use of it.
I would like to thank everyone who came and contributed readings, prayers, music and also all my dear friends who have been so encouraging and helped directly and indirectly for which I remain indebted.
All possible care has been taken in selecting the texts included in this booklet and any errors and omissions are not intentional.

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