Faith & Belief Speakers

feature-SpeakersSchools, Colleges and Community Groups need skilled speakers who can educate and inspire, and help them understand the part faith and belief play in life.

The Faith & Belief Speakers Project aims to encourage and equip people in Devon to be more confident to talk about their faith.

Can you listen and reflect before speaking with confidence and convey your faith and belief to those who seek greater understanding?

We don’t need experts on subject matter but we do need expert communicators who understand what is needed and can adapt to different situations and audiences.

Whether you are already experienced or would like to take up the challenge of speaking up for faith and belief, there is both challenge and support for you.

Free training for speakers

We are offering free courses, which will provide you with the understanding of what is needed and opportunities to develop skills and confidence.

Working with experienced professional trainers, you will have the chance to share learning with representatives of Devon’s diverse faith and belief communities. The training will be active and engaging and is designed to give you confidence in taking on the important role of faith and belief speaker. The aim is that you should be as effective as possible and that you should be able to enjoy the opportunity to speak for your faith and belief.

The next training day will be on Monday 2nd December at The Exeter Mosque, 12-13 York Rd, Exeter EX4 6PG. All welcome.

To apply for the training programme, please complete this form »

If you would like to speak to somebody about the training please contact

Endorsements of the Faith & Belief Speakers project

The project is strongly supported by Baroness Elizabeth Butler-Sloss, a retired Judge who is President of the Family Division in the High Court of Justice and currently chairing the Commission on Religion and Belief in Public Life, who said:

“I am delighted to hear that the Devon Inter-faith and Belief Forum [sic] are running a series of training workshops to provide confident Faith Speakers to go into our schools, colleges and communities. Building understanding and respect in our increasingly diverse and multi-faith county is vital. I do commend this initiative.”

And by the Bishop of Exeter,  the Rt Revd Robert Atwell:

“I am delighted to support the initiative of the Devon Faith and Belief Forum to equip Faith Speakers for our schools, colleges and community associations.  Negative attitudes towards religion have become fashionable in Britain, often fuelled by an unspoken assumption that faith is the partner of arrogance and intolerance. This initiative will help a new generation engage intelligently with the way faith has shaped our laws and culture for good, and help build trust and respect across the county.”

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