Exeter Interfaith and Belief Group

Exeter Interfaith and Belief Group meets on the first Tuesday of each month other than August when we do not meet. July is an open meeting which is a public meeting at which all are welcome.

Tree of Life, Exeter Hospice

Tree of Life, Exeter Hospice

We are an interfaith dialogue group and have built trust and friendship between the members from the many faith and belief communities in Exeter. We always welcome members of minority faith groups, but in the interest of balance do not have any current vacancies for more Christians. A fairly small group enables us to have deeper conversations tackling harder questions than if we operated a completely open membership policy

Our guidelines for discussion are:

  • All contributions to be courteous and constructive – only one person speaks at a time
  • Listen to one another – keep contributions brief and to the point
  • Respect other peoples’ right to their views – avoid intemperate, provocative or abusive language
  •  Only speak from your own faith or belief perspective, not on behalf of another tradition

For more information please contact Kate Hannan at kathrynahannan@gmail.com


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