Report on ‘Not in God’s name’ conference 2016

Report: Not in God’s name conference

Devon Faith and Belief Forum is pleased to report that the ‘Not in God’s name’ Interfaith conference held at the Mint, Exeter on Saturday 5th November was a big success. Over 60 people from diverse communities and traditions participated in a stimulating range of workshops and activities.

Steve Shepherd gave a powerful presentation, giving a unique insight into the way groups like IS are able to manipulate young people through the internet. Jonathan Marshall talked about the need for schools to help young people to develop greater resilience through supporting their emotional needs and enabling a sense of belonging. Sushma Sahajpal engaged participants in group work, helping them to consider what it means to embrace the sacred. Anna Roderick and Milly Pawson talked about the need to welcome refugees, not demonise them. Anna outlined the work being done by ABIDE in Ottery St Mary, where the group is preparing to apply to the Home Office to offer to house Syrian refugees. Jude Taylorson created a calm place of reflection through her mindfulness workshop.

In the final plenary session, spokespersons from the Hindu, Baha’i, Muslim, Christian Orthodox and Pagan communities gave their views on #livingwelltogether. We need to learn to challenge the language of separation, them and us, developing a more inclusive vocabulary.


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